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IMMRSIV Mixed Reality Solutions

Mixed Reality Solutions

Extend your digital world with AR / VR possibilities 

We provide location-based & business platform solutions for any industries looking to provide unique experiences for their clients or customers.


Experiential self-guided travel app that enables local and overseas visitors to explore various travel destinations with bundled deals.  The app comes with AR wayfinding, merchant discoveries and

fun activities.

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Web-based content publishing platform for non-programmers that enables rapid and easy creation of content to customized apps which provides for a more engaging user experience be it in for travel industry or education.

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NEXUS Virtual Tours

The NExtgen Immersive Experience is designed to impact and inspire the National Education (NE) messages to the next generation of participants in Singapore through location-based mobile technology.

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Drive brand engagement with sharable, customized picture filters and immersive gesture-based games. 

Turn any location into a gamified experience with webAR portals and other interactive AR features that blend physical and virtual worlds. 

Take customer navigation to the next level with live digital overlays that adjusts visual cues and guides for outdoor and indoor wayfinding.

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Complete game-based-learning content-authoring platform that allows learners and trainers alike to create, share and play high quality 3D games. 

Playcraftor brings Mobile Games, Simulations, VR & MR to corporate, healthcare and government users. Move beyond demos and prototyping and into widespread everyday usage. 

Expert Consultants

Our team of Thought Leaders and Industry Experts brings over decades of combined experience in the field of high impact Innovative Technology. Our projects and recognitions include significant Government-commissioned initiatives,

several Tech Awards and Microsoft Partner of the Year in Education.  

Ready to empower your business? 

We offer bespoke advice and solutions based on your needs and 

strategic goals to achieve your enterprise's full potential

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