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Why Web-First Metaverse?

Our platform runs on web 3.0 and is the world’s most advanced WebGL game engine and is capable of rigid-body physics simulation, handling three-dimensional

audio and 3D animations. It’s also pervasive, transient, and accessible to a mass audience. 

Create your own
virtual world

Create your own one-of-a-kind avatar, virtual space or host your virtual event and experience life in ways you could not in the physical world. 

Meet up, explore and
have fun

Endless virtual communities where people can choose their own experiences to socialise, work, invest, create, play, learn, transact, and monetize. 

Transforming Enterprise using Metaverse

We build mobile-web Metaverse for immersive engagement for various market segments like Banking, Tourism, Retail, Defense, Education and Hospitality

virtual exhibition.png

Venue for Events

Customisable venues can be purpose build to support different events


Digital Retail

Support digital retail services to showcase products and services 


NFT Marketplace

NFT market.jpg

Integrate with private NFT marketplace to support buy/sell of NFTs

dance floor.jpg
lounge cropped.jpg
screen sharing.jpg

Gamified Activities

Accumulate points from games and enhance the experience for participants

Digital Assistants

Support NPC interactions and provide

help to participants when they navigate

Live Streaming/Screen Sharing

Live streaming and screen sharing is 

available to support conducting of classes

Seamless Experience from Real to Virtual

Redefine and enhance your brand experience with a strategic

blend of Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality tools

Venue for Events


Interactive 3D objects in

real world

Bring print & packaging to

life with image targets

Try on accessories, face filters

and more with face effects

Build location-based webAR


Why IMMRSIV Metaverse?

We used the world's most advanced webGL game engine which provides instant access and runs in modern browsers without downloading of heavy applications 


Bespoke Solutions







Enterprise Metaverse

Immersive virtual spaces that change the way we connect, communicate and collaborate

Live Streaming.jpg

• Authoritative multiplayer, Scalable concurrent users, 

User owned worlds and Secured multiuser 

• Player customise controls, Scalable art detailing and

Physics, Shaders and lightings

Immersive experiences for customers

Live training & Development sessions

• Browser streaming, VR Enabled, Desktop, Mobile App

   and Web enabled.

• Support video and voice chat, Persistent chat.

Future proofing.jpg

Cutting Edge and Scalable for Enterprise

• Customisable Tokenomics

• NFT Integration 

Virtual Workspaces.jpg

Global employees community with virtual


Connect to current workplace systems and platforms 

eg: Google, WhatsApp, Slack

• Contextual roles, No code authoring, No code events customization

Expert Consultants

Our team of Thought Leaders and Industry Experts brings over decades of combined experience in the field of high impact Innovative Technology. Our projects and recognitions include significant Government-commissioned initiatives,

several Tech Awards and Microsoft Partner of the Year in Education.  

Build your Metaverse with us 

We offer bespoke advice and solutions based on your needs and 

strategic goals to achieve your enterprise's full potential

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