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A Web-based content publishing platform for non-programmers that enables rapid and easy creation of content to customized apps which provides a more engaging user experience.

Content Creation

PublishAR can push out highly interactive content such as AR wayfinder, animated 3D models and 360 video games etc to help organisations engage and enhance business experience.  

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Create your own trails & lessons

Create or use existing templates to build interactive trails

and lessons with the immersive content from the library.


This solution empowers users to publish and share their

own unique blend of content and lesson. 

Make it highly interactive 

Check out some of the key features of PublishAR.


• Location-Based Services. 

• D.I.Y Publishing for non-coders. 

• Augmented Reality / VR Interactions.

• Media Rich Content and 2D, 3D, Gamelets. 

• Digital Catalogue As a Service (D'CAAS).

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